Hope Desroches

I have been heavy my whole life, but after getting married and having kids I really let myself go. It was my first priority to be there for my kids and family, but I lost myself somewhere along the way. Last year, at 35 years old with two tweens, I felt like my life is falling apart. I was stressed and overworked, having difficulties in my marriage, and very close to losing my house. It was in that time that I realized the only thing I had complete control of her was my own health and weight. That is when I was finally inspired to start my journey, and I have lost 146 pounds so far.

When I started this journey, I decided to start with small changes. I lost 55 pounds in the first year by controlling portions, walking, and learning to cook healthy food. In the start of 2017 I became completely invested in losing weight and getting healthy, and have lost 91 pounds since Jan 1. My walks turned into a passion for hiking, and I started tracking my calories every day.

Today I feel strong enough to manage the other issues in my life! Losing 146 pounds has given me so much pride. Everything is changing! I have more confidence, new friends, new opportunities, and so much more strength and energy. It is my goal to inspire other’s that they can do the same thing!