• cheerfulsun

    Hello, I am new to the whole sex game and I have an embarassing question.I am not sure whether my hymen is broken or not.I have not had sex before( I am in my twenties) since I was not ready for it.But I am in a relationship now.We have not had sex yet but will do gradually.The thing is, that I ordered and used a thick vibrator more than four years ago since I wanted to experience one before doing anything real.The thing is,even after playing with it many times, I do not know if my hymen broke.I never bled even once.I do not know if it was broken already due to exercise or whether it is still intact or whether it is tough.I feel really embarassed not knowing now.Even when I look at diagrams and look down there in the mirror, I do not know.Please help me, tell me how I can know.If it is not, it is fine but then I need to prepare myself for it breaking soon.

    Please respond quickly.Thank you..

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