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    Hi! I’ve decided to post here as I need some help. I’m 34 and I’m childless. My DH and I tried to conceive for nearly 2 years without any positive result. I contacted my gyny and she asked me to do some tests. I don’t have any problems with my womb. My tubes aren’t blocked too. However, the AMH test has revealed a low ovarian reserve. I do have some chances to conceive. My gyny has prescribed me some vitamins and hormone medicines to boost up my fertility. However, she says that if we don’t conceive during a year or so it’s better to start thinking of DE IVF. It was a real blow for me. I never had any problems with my ovaries. Up to 30, there weren’t any delays. The problems started when I turned 31. Firstly, these were short delays -2-3 days. I didn’t pay much attention to it. My gyny says that it might be the first sign of earl menopause… Oh, gosh!!! This word combination makes me so mad!!! Why did it happen to me??? Is there anybody here with the same issue? How did you manage to conceive?
    P.S. My hubby and I are trying as hard as we can, but again every month it ends with periods with 2-3-days delay. We have even visited several fertility clinics. The first clinic seems to be ok. We found quite a lot of positive feedbacks about it on various fertility forums. We liked the RE we consulted there. She seemed to be so positive. She asked us loads of questions and tried to find every single detail about our life condition. However, the clinic we contacted was so overcrowded. We had to wait nearly 2 hours in the queue before she was ready to speak to us. These are the things we really disliked about them. The second clinic was empty, but I didn’t like the specialist and I don’t want to deal with them.


    Hi! Firstly, I’m really sorry to hear about your problems of getting pregnant. If I were in your shoes, I would choose the clinic you feel really comfortable with. I would also recommend you to choose the clinic that has better success rates. It’s vital to do this as you must be sure that you aren’t going to waste your money. Check the way they choose egg donors for their DE IVF programs. Do your homework and don’t be in a hurry while choosing the right clinic.


    The thing is we really did some homework before visiting that clinic. We visited quite a lot fertility forums and found some feedbacks about this clinic. I should say the clinic seems to be a reputable one. They also have rather high success rates. We liked their prices too, as they don’t charge much for their services. These were the main reasons why we decided to choose them.What do you think about it?

    Harley Quinn

    I think you should pay more attention to the clinic’s success rates. For me, it’s the main criteria of choosing the clinic. I would also pay attention to the way they’re choosing egg donors for their clients. It’s always better to deal with the clinic’s that offers oocytes of young ladies. As far as I know, they are considered to be the best. My close friend used to cycle with the donor eggs of a 25-year-old women. She was already a mum. She managed to conceive after the first shot.


    They offer us oocytes of 18-25 year old women. Our program manager told us that the clinic is quite selective in choosing egg donors for their clients. They ask each prospective egg donor to pass through a rigorous medical check up. They also pay attention to her heredity. If the close relatives of the woman (parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts and siblings) are free from any hereditary issues, they would deal with her. This is the way the clinic chooses egg donors for its clients. What do you think about it?


    I think it’s really great that they offer oocytes of young ladies who have already become mums. They are really considered to be of the best quality. However, I’m really curious to know how will they select an egg donor particularly for your DE IVF. Will you be able to see a photo of this woman? As far as I know, some fertility clinics offer such a service. What about the clinic you’ve got interested in? Did they offer you such an option?


    The clinic we’ve got interested in provides such an option. They give you access to their database of egg donors, and you can see the photos of the ladies there. However, before doing this, you need to sign up a contract with them. They may also ask you to send them a short description of the woman who would suit you as an egg donor. You have to specify her height, weight, hair and eye color. Our program manager told us that they also use a special software to find an egg donor who suits perfectly a particular couple. This is the way the find egg donors. What do you think about it?

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