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Fresh Five! 5 Health Podcasts That Rock

If you haven’t yet jumped on the podcast train, now is the time!

Think of podcasts as a digital radio show, or perhaps a mini, more manageable audio book. Basically, they are audio recordings designed to teach, entertain and engage listeners with various topics. With episodes that range anywhere from thirty seconds to two hours, and topics as varied as your imagination can supply, it’s like having your own personal learning library at your fingertips no matter where you are.

Podcasts have opened a whole new educational world for so many people – it’s high time you check them out if you haven’t already.

Here are five awesome health centered podcasts to get you started!

Let It Out with Katie Dalebout

Featured on Huffington Post, Mind Body Green, Teen Vogue and many others, Katie Dalebout is the author of “Let It Out, A Journey Through Journaling”, an interactive book packed with journaling exercises that she claims ‘can be your new on-the-go coach’. Katie is very candid about the journey that brought her to the place where she is now, and how journaling in particular was a tool that she found invaluable as she continues on the journey towards optimal health.

And in her podcast she covers the gamut. We know that the pursuit of optimal health covers many different areas of our lives, and this podcast delivers in all of them. Self-care and wellness are highlighted throughout an extensive episode list which covers nearly every wellness topic you could think of; journaling, body positivity, self-care, yoga, motherhood, nutrition, spirituality, media addiction, relationships, productivity, creativity and so much more.

Varied topics, diverse guests, and long juicy episodes will hook you quickly into this treasure trove of weekly self-care goodness. And with such an extensive archive of  past episodes, you won’t have to worry any time soon about running out. Katie’s fresh perspective and her contagious positivity will draw you in and her content and guests will keep you coming back for more inspiration and support time and again.

Find the Let It All Out podcast here.

The House Call Doctor with Dr.  Sanaz Majd

Part of the ‘Quick & Dirty Tips’ Series, an online collection of blogs and podcasts designed to make life easier across the board, Dr. Sanaz Majd takes her spot in the line-up as the “House Call Doctor”.

As Dr. Majd says, “”Medical terms and conditions can be anxiety-provoking. I’m here with straightforward advice on symptoms, diagnoses, and treatments so you’ll be armed with tools to take charge of your health.”

Dr. Majd is a board-certified physician with a thriving practice in Southern California where she works with all age groups. Her special interests are women’s health and patient education. She cites a passion for teaching that, in her opinion, goes hand in hand with her medical practice. And here at Women’s Health we know that she is so right in her assessment that today’s medical consumers are hungry for information and beyond ready to act as partners with their doctors in their journey towards optimal health.

Listeners will quickly realize that Dr. Majd is not afraid to tackle topics of any size. Whether tuning in to her podcast, following her blog, or keeping up with her on social media she delivers straight-shooting advice, with a liberal dose of much needed humor, and a to-the-point education about everything from “How to Stop a Nosebleed” to “What are Personality Disorders?”

A great place to start is her episode entitled, “‘5 Internet Search Tips for Reliable Medical Information”

As Dr. Majd says, “”Medical terms and conditions can be anxiety-provoking. I’m here with straightforward advice on symptoms, diagnoses, and treatments so you’ll be armed with tools to take charge of your health.”

Find The House Call Doctor with Dr. Sanaz Majd podcast here.

30 Second Bytes with Dietician Cindy

This one is for the busy ladies. True to the title, registered dietician Cindy Huggins, keeps it short and sweet in this podcast where each episode is just around 30 seconds!

Need a timer while you brush your teeth? You could knock out six episodes in that time! Now that’s efficient!

Standing in line at the bank? You’ve got time to school yourself in some of the latest, evidence-based nutrition advice.  Need a timer while you brush your teeth? You could knock out six episodes in that time! Now that’s efficient!

If, like me, you’re feeling skeptical – you’ve got to try it before you knock it. These compact yet pertinent tips, tricks and reminders are a great little gift to give yourself when you just need a quick refresher on how you can be your own best health advocate. With episodes ranging from “The ABCs of Diabetes” to “Signs & Symptoms of a Heart Attack” for women – with each listen you’ll be adding to your health information arsenal in the amount of time it takes to get through an ad on Hulu.
And on those days when you can’t seem to get everything accomplished? At least you’ll be able to say that you learned something new!

Find 30 Second Bytes with Dietician Cindy podcast here.

The Health Bridge

This podcast has an interesting history. It began as a conversation between a western trained doctor, Sara Gottfried, and Pedram Shojai, a doctor of Oriental Medicine, Taoist Priest, and Qi Gong master.

The original vision of the podcast was to share these two vastly different perspectives on health and wellness, with each side not only sharing the wisdom of their respective traditions, but also learning from the other.

With a vast array of topics, interesting guests and the sense of humor that both of these practitioners bring to the table, this podcast is not only informative and engaging, it is also very entertaining. From the podcast description, “the goal of the podcast is to keep it real and to give listeners practical advice, sage wisdom, and the tools they need to thrive from both perspectives”.

In this podcast you can find science based conversations on everything from ‘getting your kids to like vegetables’ to ‘the future of personalized health care’.

The podcast has recently undergone a big change. Dr. Gottfried has left the conversation to pursue further opportunities to share her wellness advice, but there are more than one hundred episodes in the archive. You’ll have no problem finding something to catch your interest and improve your health – the only problem will be finding enough time to listen to every episode!

Find The Health Bridge podcast here.

Satellite Sisters

This podcast’s tagline is ‘not every conversation will change your life, but every conversation can’, which we at Women’s Health think is a great reminder for every woman.

This award-winning podcast is a twice-weekly conversation between five actual sisters who lead very different lives. The show’s topics cover so many things that are pertinent to women, family, health, politics, science and so much more.

The Satellite Sisters coin themselves as a group of women – virtual sisters – who help each other and their listeners get through life, laugh and even once in a while change their minds. Not everyone has a sister, but with this podcast everyone can be a part of the special bond that exists between women, between sisters, and tap into the amazing power of female energy to create change for the better.

With an extensive episode archive, you’ll have plenty to keep your interest. And if you manage to get through all the online content, the sisters have also appeared on CBS Sunday Morning and have authored a book.

This would be a great podcast to listen to with either your actual sister or the sisters of your heart. When women come together in love and laughter – that’s when big magic happens!

Find Satellite Sisters podcast here.

What Are You Waiting For?

So there you have it! Five fresh voices speaking out about holistic health care – sharing wisdom, laughter and resources to empower you to make changes or continue on a track that is already working for you. When you combine supportive community with education and add in a dash of humor there is no telling where you will end up – but we are willing to be it will be a great place to land.

Interested, but not sure how to get started? Don’t worry! There are so many different ways to listen. If you want to take your podcasts on the go, Apple and Android users have a wide variety of ‘podcatcher’ apps that can be downloaded in order to access podcast episodes; iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play or Sound Cloud just to name a few. These apps typically have lots of great built in features such as allowing you to speed up or slow down the audio, save favorite episodes and share them with others.

And you can download specific podcast episodes on your smart phone to listen to when you don’t have a Wi-Fi signal, which is great for commutes or long trips. But podcasts can be accessed from any device, whether it be a smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop, so don’t let lack of travel curb your listening opportunities!

So go ahead and check out a few of these podcasts and share your thoughts and inspirations back here with us!

One thing we forgot to mention, discovering podcasts is a little bit like falling down the rabbit hole – one new discovery will lead to the next and so on and so on. Whatever your fancy, get ready to join a community of movers and shakers, the next generation of thinkers who are ready and excited to share their ideas with an engaged and global audience for the health of us all.


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