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Healthy Woman Headlines: Vitamin D, Obamacare, Healthy Quiche Recipes

Women’s Health curates the latest headline news focused on breaking stories, topics, recipes, healthy tips and advice for knowledgeable women. Here are our selected “Healthy Woman Headlines” for today:

  • A new report puts the abortion rate at 14.6 abortions per 1,000 women of childbearing age (ages 15-44) in 2014, the lowest since 1973: U.S. Abortion Rate Falls To Lowest Level Since Roe v. Wade (NPR)

  • Even if you don’t buy into self-help, it’s hard to deny the mood-altering benefits of dressing like a sunbeam personified: How to Dress Happy in 2017 (Style NY Times)

  • Discover some of the health problems now linked to low vitamin D: 27 health risks connected to not getting enough vitamin D (Health). Also read on Women’s Health: 7 Reasons Women Need to Get Their Vitamin D Levels Checked…Now!

  • Avoidant and restrictive food intake disorder can lead to physical, social and psychological impairments: Taking Picky Eating to the Extreme (NY Times Well)

  • Huffington Post presents a few hacks to help you sharpen your willpower, stay productive and keep you on the right track: 7 Clever Tricks For When You Want To Give Up On Your Resolution (Huff Post)

  • Private rooms for pumping breast milk and expanded therapy coverage for children with autism are two of the less publicized mandates of the Affordable Care Act. Also, being able to choose your OB-GYN: 6 Lesser-Known Obamacare Provisions That Could Evaporate (Shots NPR)

  • The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office said that repealing major provisions of Obamacare would cost 18 million people their insurance and could increase the number of uninsured Americans by 32 million in 10 years, while causing insurance premiums to double over that time: Health Law’s Repeal Could Raise Costs and Number of Uninsured, New Report Says (NY Times)

  • A favorite menu item for lunching ladies, quiche is as popular now as it has ever been: A Roundup of the Best Healthy Quiche Recipes (Cooking Light)

  • A new CDC study demonstrates that Americans living in rural areas are more likely to die from five leading causes than their urban counterparts: Rural Americans at higher risk of death from five leading causes (CDC)

  • If Psoriasis is part of your life, you will want to read the newest from the National Psoriasis Foundation: The National Psoriasis Foundation Talks Successes and Goals (Women’s Health)

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