Insomnia Symptoms and Treatments (Video)

Can’t sleep? Learn about insomnia symptoms and treatments from and Emmy Fink:

“Every day seems to bring more research and news coverage on the subject of inadequate sleep. It makes us accident-prone and slows down our reasoning. It drenches our sex drive and dulls our skin. Our memory, judgment and mood suffer, as well as our waistlines. It is enough to keep you up at night! For those who suffer from true insomnia, rather than simply a riveting novel or a riotous social life, advice to get more sleep is deeply frustrating. Insomnia requires a multi-pronged approach that addresses physical and mental health issues, lifestyle changes, possible medications and non-medication therapies that retrain and relax the mind.” Read more: How to Cope with Insomnia and Reap the Benefits of Rest

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Emmy Fink

Emmy Fink

Emmy graduated from UW-Whitewater with a double major in Broadcast Journalism and Physical Education/Coaching.