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Kim Cattrall Gives Menopause a Makeover

It seems like we see the same repetitive health topics in the news, and rightfully so as they are some of the biggest issues affecting the greater American population (diabetes, obesity, heart disease, etc.), but seeing this interview with Kim Cattrall was like a breath of fresh air on the women’s health news front.

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Menopause is a stage every woman must go through at one point or another, and every woman will experience it differently based on their own biological makeup. However, new therapies and supplements are changing the way menopause looks and feels for women, the only problem is it doesn’t get talked about enough!

We still see topics such as menopause as a relatively “private” matter in the sense that it’s not something that is really talked about outside of the medical community.

We love how Kim Cattrall is putting a face to the cause of being in control of your own health through menopause, getting informed on all of your options out there and talking with your physician to come up with a guided plan to help you have more good days than bad days during your menopause journey.

Although Cattrall is partnering on this menopause platform with Pfizer to promote their new prescription treatment, DUAVEE, the message is one every woman can benefit from regardless of how you choose to go through menopause.

Whether it’s incorporating healthy lifestyle and nutritional supplement choices, prescription therapy, or both, there are quite a few options that can help women feel like themselves again, just know you are being encouraged to explore them! 

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