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Monday Meals: 20 Minute Black Bean Burgers

If you are looking for a quick and delicious way to pack lots of veggies and fiber into a meal consider the fresh-but-familiar black bean burger. Some vegitarian burger recipes are more complicated than a 5 course meal, but 20-Minute Black Bean Burgers from Cooking Light are truly a healthy week-night option.

At 6 grams of fiber, these burgers contribute nicely to the 25 grams of fiber per day that the FDA  recommends. Pair them with a whole wheat bun and a side salad and you can feel virtuous about your heart-healthy dinner. However, if you are in the mood for the classic burger side dish, try this recipe for Baked Sweet Potato Fries- Remixed. Cayanne, garlic and cinnamon warm up these spectacular spuds, turning the tempting into the irresistible.

Check out Monday Meals: Tai Baked Sweet Potatoes if you are still skeptical about how something named Sweet Potato could claim any healthy credits.


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Alison Relyea-Parr

Alison Relyea-Parr

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