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Monday meals: Slow Cooker Split Pea Soup with Chorizo

Who doesn’t love coming home in the evening to a kitchen filled with the smells of dinner cooking? Your slow cooker is the secret to healthy meals that are waiting for you. Planning ahead insures that end-of-the-day exhaustion won’t result in a meal of frozen pizza or regretful take-out.

Spice up your menu this week with this recipe for high-fiber, high-flavor Split Pea Soup with Chorizo from EatingWell.

Need some tips to get you rolling with your slow cooker? The slow cooker enthusiasts at Gooseberry Patch have plenty of good advice.

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Alison Relyea-Parr

Alison Relyea-Parr

Alison is the editor and contributor of A UW-Madison graduate, Alison is also an illustrator and educator.