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Prepping for Long Weekend Success

Who’s ready for Labor Day weekend? We are!

Maybe it’s because Labor Day is the last fleeting moment of summer that you can capture before you blink your eyes and it’s Christmas. Or maybe because it’s another excuse to get out of town for a couple days.

However, as much as we love long weekends and the Labor Day barbecues, college football season kickoff tailgates and pool parties, sometimes it’s daunting to face all the food that comes along with these get-togethers.

It all looks amazing, but we know it’s easy to go overboard. And although you know going crazy filling up your plate will undo all of the work you’ve done in the gym and in the kitchen over the past week, sometimes that doesn’t keep you from piling up on every dish available (guilty).

In preparation for a fun-filled weekend that’s sure to be laden with delicious dishes, these are the steps we’re going to take to arm ourselves with self-control, as well as some of the few tried-and-true healthy recipes we’ll be making this weekend.


– Don’t arrive famished. When you come to a party starving, you’re more likely to over-do it, especially if you purposely don’t eat with the intention of gorging yourself.

– Make a healthy dish (tons of ideas below). We all know we have to get a good helping of what we brought to the party to make sure it’s good. It’s totally okay to have a good helping of your own dish because you know what went in to it and you’re keeping your plate healthy.

– Keep the water flowing. The majority of the time we mistake thirst for hunger, which is even easier when there’s a buffet just a few feet away. If you feel the need to nibble finish the better portion of a water bottle, and if you’re still feeling hungry go grab a small plate of finger foods (like veggies or fruit preferably).

– Go for one indulgence. To pass over all the desserts (which is always everyone’s favorite thing to bring to parties) will only leave you feeling deprived and more vulnerable to binging on the sweets. First have your main meal and after you’ve let that digest go take a good scope of the desserts. Go for the one that’s your favorite or something unique you haven’t tried before. Those pre-packaged mini-cupcakes from the grocery store may look tasty, but I’d rather use my allotted dessert indulgence for something like homemade pie or a fresh baked cookie.


Healthy Party Recipes

If you’re not sure of healthy party food options to bring to your get-together this weekend look no further:



  • POPSUGAR Fitness – Alcohol is one of the easiest ways to wreck your healthy habits over a long weekend because instead of reserving drinks to dinnertime, it’s easier to drink all day because there’s no work to worry about. It’s always nice to have a couple mocktail options for when you want a little something more than water, but you want to save having a drink ’til later in the day to prevent overdoing it. These mocktails are not just tasty, they’re healthy, too! 


  • Skinny Mom – Salads can be sneaky. Seeing a salad may have you thinking it’s healthy, but dressings and other elements, such as candied nuts, can pack on to the calories. These layered salads are healthy and will provide a refreshing element to any outdoor get-together.


Hope everyone has a great long weekend, and if you make any recipes let us know how they turned out!



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