Holistic Health: Treating the Whole Person

You may know the term best as “alternative” medicine, but this moniker is no longer accurate. Better described as holistic health, naturopathic or even complementary, this form of integrative medicine has become more mainstream. Rather than looking at just specific symptoms, holistic health is more comprehensive. Practitioners look at the …


Exercise Helps Women Cope with Multiple Sclerosis

While exercise doesn’t prevent people from developing multiple sclerosis (MS), certain kinds of exercise may be beneficial to those who already have it. MS is a neurological disease that directly affects the body, but coping with it can bring about depression – and this is where exercise comes in. What …


On the Ballot: Medicinal Marijuana, Yay or Nay?

Boy, there is nothing like an election to fire people up on health issues. Of course there’s always talk on how government plays in to healthcare, however, there’s one health topic this go-around that definitely took center stage for everyone’s opinions and philosophies: the legalization of medical marijuana. Now, before …