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The Best Natural Remedies For Hot Flashes

Today’s forecast, hot and humid! That can apply to more than the weather if you’re perimenopausal and experiencing hot flashes. Karen Giblin, president and founder of Red Hot Mamas,™ a menopause management education program, has these recommendations on keeping cool by day and sleeping well at night.

Dress lightly.

Light cotton night gowns or pajamas are a better choice than other materials if you suffer from night sweats. And, make sure your night wear is nice and loose. During the day, layers of clothing make it easier to control your hot flashes. A light jacket over a sleeveless blouse is a good anti-hot flash outfit, especially if you’re in air conditioned rooms that may seem cold at times. You can remove a jacket if you get warm and minimize your discomfort. Choose cotton over synthetic fabrics when possible to let your skin breathe.

Moderate alcohol intake.

“Alcohol can trigger hot flashes,” says Ms. Giblin.”Some women might have a glass of wine before bed to help them feel sleepy, but herbal tea or taking a tepid bath before bed are better sedatives.”

Working it out.

It may seem contradictory to work up a sweat to control hot flashes, but exercise helps, Ms. Giblin says. When the weather gets very warm it’s tempting to skip that daily walk, but you’ll have fewer, less severe hot flashes if you keep up your exercise routine, she advises.

The Best Natural Remedies For Hot Flashes

Check your over-the-counter medications.

“Some over-the-counter medications for allergies or sinus problems create an adrenalin-like effect that can trigger hot flashes. It’s best to talk with your physician about the effects of these medications.” says Ms. Giblin. It’s wise to read the labels of these medications – many are high in caffeine.

Avoid hot and spicy.

Some women find that hot drinks like coffee or tea, spicy foods or alcohol can bring on hot flashes. “Highly seasoned food is a trigger,” says Ms. Giblin, so it may be best to skip the spicy buffalo wings at the family party. If you notice an association between something you eat or drink and a hot flash, try avoiding that food or beverage and see if your hot flashes are reduced.

Keep cool.

Turning on the fan or air conditioner or keeping the windows open can keep hot flashes from seeming worse. Your internal “cool” is important, too, according to Ms. Giblin. “Stress makes hot flashes worse,” she states.

Ice it.

Drinking lots of water is great for your overall wellbeing. Anytime, anywhere, a cold glass of water keeps you hydrated and may also offset that overheated, flushed feeling.

Carry your climate control with you.

Fans were once standard accessories for well-dressed women. Revive the tradition! A fan in your purse can come in handy if you find yourself in a warm place.

What’s your favorite remedy for dealing with hot flashes? Comment below.

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  1. Kellie
    September 29, 2015 at 4:12 pm — Reply

    Sleep with a cooling mat under sheets & a cooling pillow you can turn over that is cool on both sides!

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