The Difference Between Women and Men in Medicine

To say men and women are different is like saying high heels lead to foot pain; it’s an obvious observation that doesn’t need scientific research to prove it’s true. Except in the area of medicine.

Beyond women’s health issues unique to our sex, such as obstetrics and gynecology, it turns out that women’s experiences with common conditions such as heart disease, stroke, arthritis, dementia, colon cancer and depression often differ significantly from those of men.

We hear generalized health statements such as “women are more at risk for heart attacks” and “high blood pressure is more dangerous for women than men,” but do we truly know why that difference persists?

Research is now answering that question by looking deeper into the vital difference between men and women. Read the full story at Science Daily to see how these discoveries will have a future impact on the unique care and treatment you receive as a woman.


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Elle Michels

Elle Michels

Based in Washington, D.C., Elle Michels is a contributing writer to Womenshealth.com.