We’re FED UP.

You may have seen some of the buzz on the web, but in case you haven’t we had to tell you: YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS MOVIE.

Fed Up is the latest documentary taking on the food industry and shows us how everything we’ve been told about food and exercise for the past 30 years is dead wrong.

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We touched on the main topic of this film in one of our previous posts, A Picture of Health, but Fed Up completely lays it out on the table. As a society we’ve been hoodwinked by “low-fat” and “diet” versions of foods so we think we’re making healthier choices when we’re not. This hoodwinking scheme is what keeps us in the cycle of processed food addiction. As Fed Up clearly points out, the food industry is all about the profit, not the people.

The film also goes in to depth regarding how our country’s youth is being sucked in to sugar addiction in schools, where we should be confident that our children are being cared for.

Overall, the film’s main topic is sugar, and while there are other elements that go in to the larger conversation on feeding our family and nourishing our bodies in the best way possible, this is an incredible starting point for families looking to truly improve their diets and to teach our kids about proper nutrition.

For more information on the film please visit the Fed Up website, where you can also purchase the movie or find out how to rent.

Once you watch Fed Up, or if you have already, let us know what you think. Did it teach you something new, how will it affect your life moving forward?



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Elle Michels

Elle Michels

Based in Washington, D.C., Elle Michels is a contributing writer to Womenshealth.com.

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